Sophie Ellis-Bextor was prepared by her children for a 24-hour danceathon

By Mark Savage
BBC Music Correspondent

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To raise funds for charities that help children in the UK, this star will dance for 24 hours

Sophie Ellis-Bextor explains that she was blessed with five kids and was able to prepare herself for the 24-hour Children In Need dance challenge.

She started the charity kitchen disco Tuesday morning and will not stop until Wednesday.

She said, “I haven’t pulled a all-nighter since a long while.” Nine hours into the challenge she spoke to BBC News.

“But, because I have small children, I have had many days where I ended up doing the things I do without much sleep.”

She stated that she thinks it is because of this, the sleep deprivation hasn’t been as bothersome as it could have.

Former Strictly Come Dancing runner-up, the star has received moral support throughout the day from her friends, including Tamsin Outhwaite and Gemma Collins joining her at London’s BBC Radio Theatre.

Live streaming of the danceathon will be available on BBC iPlayer. By the nine-hour mark, Ellis-Bextor had already raised £156,000, after shimmying along to tracks by Abba, Beyoncé, Take That and Bon Jovi.

“Nothing hurts as far as it goes,” she stated. She added, “But we still have a lot to do. It’s not enough.

  • Help Sophie and Children In Need
  • You can watch the live challenge on iPlayer

She stated that she chose the majority of the music during the day, in order to avoid mid-performance slumps.

“If something is being said that I do not want to hear, it will be like kryptonite. All my energy will go to the ground.”

“So the music is my companion. My conscience.

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Star has kept herself sane with many costume changes including 3 animal masks as well as an incredible performance of Gangnam Style.

You can also hear her karaoke perform several tracks including Get Over You and a duet on Is This the Way To Amarillo with Tony Christie.

Raising dancers

Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco sessions inspired this challenge – live-streamed concerts that were held from her house during the 2020 lockdown.

Her children were often there with her at the events. They’re expected help her get across the line Wednesday morning.

The star said, “I am trying to raise dancers. I get them use their hips.” He has five children ranging in age from two to 17 years.

I think it is important for boys to remember how their hips feel when dancing. We give our dance moves a lot of shimmy here.”

She told Gary Davies on Radio 2 that her children younger were not clear about the idea of the charity danceathon.

Jesse six-year old misunderstood my intentions and assumed I was raising money to support the family.” she stated.

Ellis-Bextor claimed she sought advice from Claudia Winkleman (broadcaster) and Dermot Oleary (broadcaster), who were both former 24-hour dancers.

She was told that midnight could prove to be difficult so she planned some moments of special help, such as an “interpretive dancing” section and a call with Belinda Carlisle, her idol.

“And then I hope that my circadian rhythm kicks-in in the morning, and then I’ll get that last boost.”

She has one secret weapon: alcohol.

She said, “I keep an emergency pocket negroni.” It’s nice to keep in your bag, even though I don’t know when you’ll use it.

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