Officials from the United States claim that a US nuclear submarine struck an “unknown object” in submerged waters of the Asia-Pacific. This caused a series of injuries to sailors.

According to them, it wasn’t clear why Saturday’s incident occurred. They said that the submarine was still “fully operational”.

The collision took place in South China Sea international waters, according to officials unnamed. 11 sailors were also injured.

The incident occurred amid increasing tensions within the region.

According to the US Navy, the Navy is still assessing the impact of the incident and said that no damage had been done to the nuclear propulsion system or spaces.

However, the statement didn’t give any details on the location of the incident or how many people were hurt. It only stated that there weren’t “life-threatening” injuries.

Two officials from the Associated Press claimed that two of the eleven sailors who were injured sustained injuries that could be described as moderate. They were all treated at the sub’s dock.

According to these officials, the incident occurred while the submarine was performing routine operations. The Navy didn’t make the information public until Thursday due to operational security.

According to AP officials, it was not another sub-marine that collided with the USS Connecticut. The agency quoted one official as saying that the object could have been either a container or sunken vessel, or some other unknown object.

Alexander Neill (a Singaporean defence and security expert) said the BBC that there were many injuries from the collision. He also stated that the speed of the accident suggested that the submarine likely “hit something huge” and was going “really fast”.

He said that the incident was not common but not uncommon and showed how busy military activity was in the region.

“The South China Sea has become more saturated with navy vessels from many different countries. Although there have been a lot more surface vessel show of force, it is hard to see how much activity beneath the surface,” Mr. Neill stated.

A spokesperson for China’s ministry of foreign relations stated that China is “seriously worried” over the incident in comments published by the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times. He also asked the US to clarify the mission’s purpose.

Later reports stated that the submarine was headed towards Guam, a US territory.

USNI News is a website specializing in US Navy. In 2005, the USS San Francisco crashed into an underwater mountain near Guam. In the accident, one sailor was killed.

USS Connecticut had been operating in one the most litigated regions of the globe. China holds most of South China Sea. However, the US and other countries around it disagree.

For decades, the Philippines, Brunei Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam all disputed China’s claims to nearly all of the Sea. However, tension has steadily grown in recent years.

Many of these countries have been supported by the US in their territorial disputes.

This incident occurs just weeks after Australia, the UK, and the US signed a historic security agreement in the Asia-Pacific. It was seen as an attempt to combat China.

Jake Sullivan (US National Security Advisor) stated that he was concerned about the actions of the Taiwan Strait which divides Taiwan and China.

After China had sent an unprecedented number of aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone, he was speaking in his fourth consecutive day.


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