Spotify tests TikTok’s vertical video feature

Image source, Reuters

Spotify, the latest mobile app that uses a vertical video feed like TikTok’s success is Spotify.

An early iPhone test builds a feature that adds a Discover tab to the front page.

The interface is similar to TikTok’s, with vertical video clips users can quickly swipe through.

However, it is unclear if this feature will be released in a large scale release or if it is just a testing tool that may not make it into the main app.

Chris Messina was widely believed to be the original inventor of the hashtag. He posted a video on Twitter showing how the system works.

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Techcrunch first reported that Messina found the feature in TestFlight, Apple’s beta version for early-adopter apps.

App companies such as Twitter or Facebook test these features for months before releasing them to users. Some tests are never released.

Techcrunch was told by Spotify that the company had yet to announce the new feature.

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A spokesperson for Spotify stated that they routinely run a variety of tests to help improve the user experience.

“Some of the tests lead to our wider user experience, while other serve as an opportunity for us to learn. There is no further information that we can share.

Since TikTok, a Chinese-owned mobile app launched in 2016, its vertical-scrolling video format was copied numerous times. It has seen a surge in popularity over the years.

YouTube offers an experimental version called Shorts. Instagram introduced Reels and Snapchat added Spotlight. Triller, Byte, and Triller have other similar apps.


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