Storm Barra: Warnings about weather in the UK, gales and snow

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A pharmacy in Biggar (South Lanarkshire) is covered with snow.

Parts of the UK have been hit by strong winds and heavy snowfall as Storm Barra sweeps across.

On Tuesday, the UK received severe yellow warnings. Only the north-east of Scotland was spared the worst.

Gales and blizzards were reported with winds gusting up to 86 mph in Aberdaron, Gwynedd.

Around 3,200 households in northern Ireland, Wales and north-east Scotland have experienced power outages.

Storm Barra will not be nearly as destructive as Arwen which struck the UK eleven days ago, leaving thousands without power.

Around 360 houses are without power in North East England. This is an area that’s in the path of the next storm.

There have been flood warnings in 28 areas across the UK on Wednesday including Sunderland Bournemouth Aberystwyth Orkney and Bournemouth.

Met Office warnings for wind included a yellow alert covering England and Wales as well as the south-west, east and Scotland. These warnings ended at midnight.

The yellow warning for heavy snow was also issued to inland Scotland until midnight. It lasted until midnight.

There is still a yellow warning about wind in parts of South and South-West England. This will continue until Wednesday, 18:00 GMT.

Strong winds of up to 80mph were observed in Ireland after Storm Barra arrived from the Atlantic. There were 12 schools closed in Ireland. 49,000 homes, businesses and other properties lost their power.

Northern Ireland also saw about 5500 houses lose power after the network was damaged. As of Tuesday evening, 1,500 more were still without power.

Another 270 properties in Wales remain without power, and all ferries and trains are cancelled.

1 700 homes were left without power in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeenshire, and there was also disruption to school services and transport networks.

According to a spokesperson for Scottish Electricity Networks, “We will re-route the network to ensure customer supply is restored quickly wherever possible. We are working on all faults this evening and throughout the night.”

In northern England, snow has fallen already.

Stranraer school’s roof was damaged by high winds, and a tree fell on the A702 in South Lanarkshire. Dumfries, Galloway also saw four schools close.

Met Office stated that the storm was expected to move eastwards. This could cause travel disruption, power interruptions and huge waves along coastal areas.

  • Storm Barra in Northern Ireland brings powerful winds
  • Wales: Problems with power and travel in Wales
  • Scotland: Storm Barra batters country in wind and snow
  • England: A yellow warning is issued as the snow begins to fall

BBC Weather reported that snow is possible across North Pennines and parts of Scotland. Up to 20cm could fall in Grampians. Snowfall elsewhere can be between 2cm (1in. and 10cm (4in.).

Forecaster Matt Taylor stated that it will be windy and cold across the UK. The main issue is the rain, snow, and winds. Northern Scotland is the only place that can withstand it all.

Boris Johnson, a British meteorologist, stated that there had never been a more powerful storm than Storm Arwen which struck in November.

He was asked whether it was OK for people not to have power for so long. Many people are too dependent on power for far too long.”I believe we must learn from the past and be more resilient to storms like this. He said that it was likely to occur again and that we need to protect our people from it.

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