Tesco opens its first check-out-free shop in central London on Tuesday.

UK’s largest retailer claimed that its High Holborn branch has been transformed to enable customers to pay and shop without having to scan a product or use a checkout.

GetGo follows similar Amazon stores.

Tesco.com customers will now be able pick up groceries and then walk out to get them.

Tesco stated that a “combination of cameras and weight sensors”, would determine what customers have purchased and then charge them directly via the app for the products.

Trigo is an Israeli technology start-up that provides the technology. It also has partnerships similar to those with Dutch and German supermarkets.

Some Tesco employees have had the opportunity to access the system at their headquarters in Welwyn Garden City before, but it is now available for regular customers.

  • No checkouts in the supermarket
  • Tesco offers shopping at no cost with no tills

Kevin Tindall (Managing Director of Tesco Convenience) said, “Our most recent innovation allows customers to seamlessly checkout on their mobile devices, which helps them to save time and help them make more money.”

Although this is only a pilot program in one location, we are eager to hear from our customers about their experiences.

Tesco is not alone in trying to implement till-free tech within the UK.

Richard Lim, the chief executive officer of Retail Economics’ retail analyst group, stated that Tesco’s decision was “reflective” of where the industry is headed.

Amazon Fresh is now open in London with three of its “just-walk out” locations. It first launched the technology in Seattle, USA in 2018.For example.

Lim said that Tesco’s key element is to gain data in order to improve their offering for customers.

Clubcard already boasts 6.6 million members on the app. This means that the retailer “is well ahead of the curve” in terms of using customer information to personalize their shopping experience.

A swing towards online shopping has been a boon for the supermarket during this pandemic.

Based on its latest set of results Tesco’s group revenues jumped by 5.9% to £30.4bn for the six months to August compared with the same period last year.

Operating profits, however, also increased by 28% to £1.3bn for the period due to several reasons including Covid-related costs, staff absences and investment needed to cope with increased online sales.

Source: BBC.com

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