Tesla’s latest software update for “full-autodriving” cars has been withdrawn after complaints from drivers.

Some drivers Reports of intermittent issues, such as safety alertsIt can sound, even though there is no danger.

On Sunday, the latest version of the program was restored less than one day after its release.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and Chief Executive Officer stated there were issues in this release but that it is “tolerable with beta software”.

Musk had already announced that the launch would be delayed due to the findings of the quality assurance team. “Regression at some traffic lights in left turns”

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However, it was still released and then quickly removed on Sunday when drivers complained about the problem.

The price increase comes at a time when Tesla has raised four of its US-made electric vehicles.

Thatcham Research conducts safety checks for UK motor insurers. They expressed concerns about Tesla’s plan to beta test new software with real drivers.

Matthew Avery from Thatcham’s research department stated, “The problem you have is that you are allowing customers to become the guinea-pigs.”

Customers trying to do it can cause safety issues as they may misunderstand or make mistakes.

“There is the possibility of systems being unsafe, which could result in potential accidents.”

Tesla’s semiautonomous driving technology is not a replacement for drivers, despite its name.

The company advises that its customers keep their hands on and control the steering wheel, sounding a warning if they do not.

M. Avery stated that, although there is a danger with Tesla’s beta-software cars, Mr. Avery stressed the importance of the fact that Tesla’s car is not autonomous.

He stated that there is not full self-driving. It’s a marketing term. This vehicle is still assisted driving… it’s the car that supports you.

“These systems don’t take over the driving of the driver.”

Hertz also announced the purchase of 100,000 Teslas by its car rental business.

According to Bloomberg, it is the single largest purchase of electric cars ever recorded. Tesla’s stock reached a new record high of more than $970 (£705) as a result of the announcement.

This deal is one year after Hertz, a victim of the US pandemic, filed for bankruptcy protection.

Source: BBC.com

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