Newspaper headline: The ‘Living alongside Covid’ plan, and the 5 Day Isolation Support

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According to the I., Boris Johnson plans to reveal his plan for how the country will cope with Covid by March. It is the latest paper to highlight the government’s hopes for the UK as it moves towards a new phase of the pandemic. According to the paper, No. 10 insists that the primary focus is on tackling the pressures on NHS and public service. According to the paper, the PM’s strategy could include ending testing and scrapping lateral flow tests. It may also cut the Covid isolation time.
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The Daily Telegraph reports that Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of India has joined the ranks of government ministers who support the call to reduce the time for self-isolation from seven to five days. The paper claims that the motivation is to decrease isolation in order to address staff shortages due the Omicron spike. According to the Telegraph, 60% of Cabinet members support the decision. However scientists must approve.
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Metro’s headline is “Going Going Cron” and reports that coronavirus cases are starting to drop. According to the paper, Omicron could have reached its peak with five consecutive days of falling new cases. The paper states that the rate of change is declining in England in general, with the exception of the north-east.
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The Times adopts an optimistic tone and includes comments by NHS chiefs that most hospitals have made it through Omicron successfully without becoming a crisis. According to the paper, experts believe that London hospital admissions have peaked. Frontline services in other parts of the country will also be able cope.
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Guardian features commentaries from Nadhim Zhawi, education secretary. He has stated that Britain should lead the way in Covid living. However, the newspaper’s headline focuses on the calls of campaigners to spend billions more in order to solve the England fire safety crisis. Housing Secretary Michael Gove will unveil a £4bn package designed to help leaseholders escape costs to remove combustible cladding. However, activists claim that many of the risks have been overlooked and they need additional protection.
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The Daily Mail reports that senior Conservatives warned the Prime Minister to address the cost of living crises or he would face backlash from the voters. The Mail received this information after Lord Frost, a former Brexit minister, told it that the prime minister is jeopardizing the success of the party at next elections unless he returns back to Tory values: “free markets and free debate” and “low taxes”.
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Daily Express also echoes Johnson’s concerns about the rising cost of living. According to the paper, senior Tories demand that the Prime Minister act quickly. According to the paper, inflation could hit 6% with families suffering from well-below inflation wage rises.
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In the meantime, the Daily Mirror headline that dominates the front page is: “Failing in every way.” As the newspaper challenges claims of government levelling, its lead image shows a falling classroom. Yorkshire headteacher told The Paper that his pupils are “cold and damp” due to more than 50 roof leaks.
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Financial Times features an interview of Jens Stoltenberg (Nato secretary-general), who warned Russia against not cooperating with the west. According to the paper, Mr Stoltenberg stated that the US-led defense pact is ready for “a new armistice in Europe” should negotiations fail with Moscow. After Russia has sent thousands of troops close to Ukraine’s border in the past months, the newspaper reports that there are fears it is planning to launch a new attack against the country.
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According to the Daily Star, modern men “are so vain”, as they are reported to have spent more time in front of the mirrors than women. It jokes that this paper is about them. Don’t you? Don’t you!!”

The Times reportThe NHS Chiefs of England seem to be more optimistic that the front-line services will continue to function despite the Omicron variant’s wave of Covid Infections.

The newspaper reports that NHS leaders feel most hospitals have enough to get by without descending into crisis. This boosts ministers confidence that more restrictions can be avoided.

Metro is also optimistic. The Metro also notes, under the headline “Going Going Cron,” that five consecutive days of new cases are now in decline.

Boris Johnson could be working on a strategy for moving away from restrictions and announce his “living with Covid” plan in March.

The new measures include shorter testing periods and a reduction in isolation.

The Daily Express quotes Matthew Taylor (chief executive of NHS Confederation), as warning that weeks ahead are “some of most difficult” in recent history.

According to The Express, at least 24 trusts declared serious incidents due to staff shortages or rising Covid admissions — more elderly people.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Rishi Sunak (Chancellor) is one of a growing number Cabinet ministers backing calls for reducing quarantine from seven days to five days to reduce staff shortages.

The Telegraph reports also that Sajid Javid, Health Secretary to the NHS has directed patients with cancer to go to private hospitals in order to stop Omicron cases causing delays to urgent care.

Senior Conservatives warn Johnson in the Daily Mail as well as the Express that he will face punishment if he fails to address what they refer to the “cost-of-living crisis”.

The Mail discusses a “devastating squeeze”, resulting from soaring energy prices, inflationary pressures, and controversial tax hikes.

And as Housing Secretary Michael Gove prepares to unveil a £4bn package to enable leaseholders in England to escape the onerous costs involved in replacing combustible cladding, the Guardian leads with a message from campaigners that billions more will need to be spent to make homes in many blocks sellable.

The new plan does not address fire safety issues such as wooden balconies and fire doors that are defective or missing.

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In the Financial Times, the main story is about a warning from NATO Secretary-General to Russia that it stands ready for war in Europe.

Jens Stoltenberg informs the FT about Moscow’s need to end its belligerence in order to avoid a renewed Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to a senior officer in the police, it is more difficult than ever to prevent terror attacks against Britain.

Dean Haydon is the national senior coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing. He says that the biggest threat to the country is from those who move here and are “self-radicalized”. They can purchase a knife in the kitchen and plan an attack which will be hard to predict.

The plan to mark the Platinum Jubilee by hosting a competition in baking to make a Queen-worthy dessert has received a lot of attention.

The Daily Mirror reports that Dame Mary Berry will judge the recipes.

According to The Sun, coronation chicken was invented when Queen Elizabeth II took over the throne on 1952.

The new pud is expected to become a national treasure, in what’s being called “Bake Orf”.

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