Translink’s Chief Executive has stated that he was disappointed by the way some viewed the Glider Bus Route in North Belfast as “orange-and-green” debate.

Chris Conway indicated that decisions on transportation-related matters would determine the route.

There is a split in political opinion about which Glider suits best for the Antrim Road or Shore Road.

The major unionist parties support the Shore Road, but most parties prefer the Antrim Road.

Conway stated that “This shouldn’t be an Orange-Green issue” and that it was disappointing to see it come across this way on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback.

“When speaking to politicians, I find that they all support the introduction of Glider phase 2 north-south in Belfast.

  • Glider Route for North Belfast Splits Parties
  • Time for Belfast to decide on its new Glider routes

It is crucial that we consider the consultation from both a transportation perspective. We make the correct decision from this perspective.

Conway stated that he hopes the decision on transportation-related matters rather than political issues will be taken quickly.

On the consultation website for Belfast Rapid Transport phase 2, you can find information about route options to and from south Belfast as well as north Belfast.

He said, “I would certainly hope that within the coming months we make the decision about the route and then we move on.”

The consultation regarding different options was part of the plans for extending Glider to other routes than those in East and West Belfast concluded this month.

The estimated cost could be more than £100m.

The new Glider routes will not become effective if they are approved.

The Department for Infrastructure stated that it had received all relevant information. It will announce its decision in early 2019 on Glider bus routes for north Belfast.

However, it will likely take at least five more years for the services to become operational.


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