Donald Trump tried to withhold information from the congressional investigation committee into the Capitol Riot, which was rejected by President Biden.

Trump requested that records requested by the committee be hidden according to executive privilege. Executive privilege protects presidential communications.

Steve Bannon, his ex-aide has pledged to refuse a subpoena for him to appear in front of the inquiry.

Ex-officials who do not cooperate will face jail.

In a futile attempt to overturn Mr Biden’s November victory, Mr Trump’s supporters stormed Washington’s Capitol Building on 6 January.

Since that time, hundreds of Trump supporters were arrested. Prosecutions continue.

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The investigating committee requested records related to August’s events. This included communications between Trump and his family members, top aides, lawyers, and former members of Trump’s administration.

Trump claimed executive privilege, which permits a president to hide certain communications related to his job. This allows him to stop the investigation from obtaining the documents.

Ex-presidents can claim executive privilege, but legal scholars disagree. It is possible that the issue could lead to several legal disputes to be decided by courts.

The White House informed the National Archives that on Friday, Mr Biden had “decided that assertions of executive privilege are not in the United States’ best interests”.

Members of the 6th January committee threatened to bring criminal contempt charges against Mr Bannon because he refused to give evidence.

Democrats believe that Bannon is using a delaying tactic to delay proceedings, in order to postpone the November midterm election in 2022. That could lead the House of Representatives (the lower chamber of Congress) to change its composition.

Rep Jamie Raskin stated that “The whole point of the game is to drag it out as long possible to see if they can mobilize enough voter suppression in order to get Congress to switch hands.” He added: “We are not going to allow people to play games with evidence and sweep it under the carpet.”

Additionally, the committee ordered testimony from Mark Meadows (ex-Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows); Dan Scavino (his social media manager); and Kash Patel (a former Pentagon chief.

In a statement, Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson stated that Mr Patel and Mr Meadows were co-operating with the inquiry.

According to US media, Trump asked the four ex-officio officials not to cooperate with his inquiry.

Trump, who never admitted that he had lost the election to Biden, accused Democrats of using Congress to “persecute” their political enemies.

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