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Barclays UK has been served by the US Virgin Islands with an order from the court requiring them to produce any documentation related to Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender.

US Territory is looking for information about transactions, correspondence, and investments that are related to the financier.

In February of this year, New York subpoenaed the bank to answer questions about the matter.

Barclays spokeswoman stated that Barclays had provided its answer to the subpoena. The bank has also complied with its obligations.

“The US Virgin Islands is currently serving a similar subpoena against Barclays UK. Barclays will then respond to the subpoena when it has been served.”

According to the BBC, there’s no connection between the subpoena or Jes Staley’s shock resignation and the FCA investigation into Mr Epstein.

After more than six years of service at Barclays, Mr. Staley suddenly resigned this week following the completion of the investigation.

This article was about Mr Staley’s connections with the deceased financier and whether they were closer to each other than originally thought.

Barclays stated Monday that it was made aware by the findings of the probe, and Mr Staley’s intent to contest them.

Barclays was served with a subpoena in the US. It requested a variety of documents, including communications between Epstein and Staley as well details about the investigation by the bank into Epstein and Staley. Also, it asked for information on Barclays’ hiring of Mr Staley.

In September, the US Virgin Islands tried serving the second subpoena to Barclays in London, but it required approval by the High Court. This is something that lawyers from the US territory seem to want.

The ex-Barclays boss Mr Staley resigned this week after an incongruent resignation. This was apparently due to a perceived contradiction between the account he had with Epstein, and that of regulators.

Staley claims that Epstein, a client important to JP Morgan over a number years, was in regular contact with him regularly. Their dealings are professional.

According to the BBC, the regulator believed that Epstein and Staley had a more intimate relationship because of the tone and volume of their emails. Barclays stated, however that no evidence has been found that Mr Staley knew or witnessed Epstein’s crimes.


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