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Vodafone promises to soon become the UK’s largest provider for ultra-fast broadband

Vodafone recently signed agreements with CityFibre (BT Openreach) and claims it will be the UK’s biggest provider of ultrafast broadband.

This telecoms company leases fixed-line networks from other companies and does not have its own network.

It will be available to eight million UK citizens by spring 2022.

Analysts believe the move will be beneficial for consumers as it allows other providers to offer a comparable reach.

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Vodafone first partnered with CityFibre in 2017, in a deal thought to be worth around £500 million.

With around 50 internet providers making use of it infrastructure, the “alt-network”, is now the largest company other than the big telecom giants that has laid fiber in the UK.

Vodaphone’s agreement will enable CityFibre to fulfill its pledge of 285 UK cities, towns, and villages by 2025.

“A couple of years back we were new to broadband but by spring we will have the widest fibre-to-the-premises footprint in the UK,” Ahmed Essam, chief executive of Vodafone UK, told the Financial Times.

Herr Essam stated that the company’s lack of its own fixed-line network allowed it to reach more people faster than would be possible.

“BT will always be sold on BT. He said that Virgin Media would always be sold on Virgin Media, referring to his major rivals. 

Mark Jackson of ISPreview told BBC that consumers will likely benefit from the new move.

CityFibre seeks to give the same level of coverage as other ISPs.

We fully anticipate TalkTalk to do the same in the future. Consumers will see this as a better choice that is more accessible and less expensive than before. He said that this is a positive thing.


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