Work from home: “We do more in the office.”

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City business boss complains about work-from-home guidelines. His staff won’t get as much done in their absence.

If possible, employees in England should be able to work remotely starting Monday.

According to data, traffic in the roads and footfalls on public transport declined sharply Monday over a week.

Andrew Monk from VSA Capital described the rules as inconsistent and frustrating. However, some workers claimed they felt safer now that the Omicron version has spread.

England is now in line with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by the new guidance. 37% of adults in the UK worked at home in 2020. This suggests that many employees on the front lines will remain unaffected.

London-based Mr Monk employs twenty staff members. He said that he spent a lot of time making sure the office was secure and that all his staff were back.

According to him, most people are happier in the workplace because they feel it is “good for their life, and also for the company.”

“Party, but don’t go work”

He said that this was a highly live industry and needed a lot interaction.

We can show that we have more success when we meet with our clients one-on-1, as opposed to doing it via Zoom.

  • Firms fear the ‘devastating impact’ of new regulations

He was also critical of the fact the government allows people to keep socializing over the Christmas period and host Christmas parties. Last year we were told to stay at work and not party. But now, we are being told to have fun but to keep going to work. It doesn’t make much sense.

Public transport usage is dropping sharply

Network Rail reported a 20% decrease in footfall at its railway stations on Monday morning when compared to one week ago. These stations include terminus stations in London and Manchester.

The London Underground passenger count dropped by 18% last week.

TomTom’s location technology company shows that traffic in England has declined since Monday. At 8am in London, congestion levels had dropped from 72% just two weeks earlier to 60%.

It dropped to 87% in Birmingham, from 55% to 55%, Bristol to 60% to 41% and Leeds to 74% to 43%.

The ‘Loss Of Team Working’

Joseff Sunders works as a coastal scientist for Plymouth’s Coastal Observatory. He is part of a group consisting eight people. His comments were that working remotely made it more challenging to do simple tasks and was less able to reach out for support.

He told BBC that he felt “a little bit of loss in team work”

It’s easy to use Zoom these days for a meeting. However, you loose some granularity if you go down this route.”

Businesses that rely on commuters, such as cafés and pubs, have also criticised the rules, which they say will result in a huge drop in passing trade.

‘Definitely safer’

But, hybrid work models were already being used by other companies before this guidance was issued. Some workers report feeling happier and more productive working remotely, as Covid is widely spread.

Jenny Watts works in Bradley Stoke in the financial sector and said that it was safer to work from home rather than commute.

People close bus windows when it gets cold. There isn’t enough social space and most people don’t use masks.

Ms. Watts said that she found working at home helped her maintain a good work-life balance, in spite of some obstacles. I get to spend more time with my family and do not have to commute as much.

Staff already prepared

Phil Foster (CEO of Love Energy Savings), a Bolton-based energy retailer, stated to the BBC that employees would prefer working at home.

We’ve known this since a long time. Our homework is easy.

“Staff were able to manage this very smoothly, and it’s comforting to me to know that they are safe. I hope to have a normal Christmas!”

Recent surveys of 290 workers revealed that 60% want to remain at home while 100% would prefer to be able to work in the office.

Some people have suggested that homework can negatively impact one’s mental health. Lynne Ingram is the managing associate of the law firm Freeths. She said that although people may say they work more efficiently in an office setting, employees often report working longer hours at home.

“Obviously, there are many mental issues related to that.”

My boss can I force you to go in?

Ms. Ingram stated that those still required to work can raise concerns about safety at work or their commute.

“Long before Covid there was always a [legal]Duty to ensure a safe work environment

Everyone has their own health issues or concerns. Some people commute longer and have to worry about public transportation.

According to her, some employers have been updating their health- and safety standards to ensure that their workplaces remain as safe as they can.

Her employer is responsible for ensuring that employees work safely even though they may be working remotely.

This could include checking their log on/off times to ensure they’re not working too hard and making sure that they have taken rest breaks.


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