Caption for the image Brazil’s death rate is second in the world.

Johns Hopkins University says that Covid-19 has claimed the lives of more than five million people worldwide in just 19 months.

Although vaccines may have reduced the rate of death, some experts believe that the real toll is much higher.

Officials warn that there are increasing deaths and cases of cancer in some areas.

Worldwide, nearly 250 million cases have been reported.

The World Health Organization estimates that the real death toll from the pandemic could be up to two-to three times greater than what is recorded in official records.

More than 745 800 people died in the US. This makes it the nation with the greatest number of deaths.

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Brazil has 607,824 reported deaths while India is at 458,437. Experts believe that these figures are not being reported due to deaths in the home or rural areas.

To reach the last one million deaths, the world took longer than it did the two previous years.

From four million deaths up to five millions, it took 110 days. It took just 90 days for the number of deaths from four million to five million.

Although vaccines are helping to reduce fatalities, last week’s WHO warning warned that this pandemic is “far from over”.

Tedros Adhanom Gabreyesus, the director general of this organization, noted an increase in cases across Europe. Low vaccination rates in Europe are leading to high levels of infections and death.

Russia saw its largest daily number of cases and deaths in the last week of the pandemic. Russia has been responsible for 10 percent of global deaths in recent years.


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Romania is home to one of the highest rates of Covid death worldwide, which means that hospitals in Romania are having a hard time coping. The European Union has the second-lowest vaccination rate.

Globally, more than 7 billion vaccinations have been given. However, there are significant differences between the rich and the poor.

Oxford University’s Our World in Data shows that only 3.6% of low-income countries are vaccinated.

Global vaccine rollout

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Dr Tedros claimed that “if we had distributed vaccine doses fairly”, the 40% target would have been met in each country.

“The pandemic persists in part because of inequitable accessibility to tools,” he stated.

Many countries are gradually opening up due to vaccines. Most of the rest of the world is now relaxed about restrictions.

Australia opened its borders Monday morning for the 19th time in 19 month.

China is the country where the first pandemic was reported. However, China continues to use a zero-Covid strategy. Even one infected person can lead to a tight lockdown and mass testing.

The death toll for a country is calculated based on the daily health reports of the authorities. However, these numbers might not reflect the actual toll across many other countries.

Coronavirus death rates are not the same in all countries. It is therefore difficult to compare them.

It’s difficult to assess the impact of Covid on different countries.

The total number of deaths can be interpreted in one direction, however it does not reflect the context.

The amount of testing that individual countries do will impact their deaths. For instance, Africa is home to comparatively few deaths than other continents.

The death rate from Covid can be measured in two different ways. One, as a percent of the population (Bulgaria fare worst) and one, as a fraction of patients showing symptoms (Mexico fare worst).

Also, the health systems of different countries and the average age in the population will impact the risk. The virus is more susceptible to older people.

The number of deaths from Covid has decreased by a lot over the last six months, but vaccines against it have not been available in all countries.

It means more people will die. But Covid is not the only issue the world needs to be concerned about. Keep in mind that more than 9 million people are killed each year by cancer, and almost the same amount from heart disease.


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